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Global Announcement - Test Topic 1


Postby ᴶᵛᵀᴬ » Safar 22nd, 21438 AG [10:36]

Jumada Al Oula 7th, 21439 AG │ January 24th, 2018 AD (last rev.)

      W E L C O M E !
      J A C U R U T U
      2 0 1 8

      Know then that it is the year 21,439 After Guild. The Known Universe is led by the pan-Orthodox Order, Ummah of the hierophantic believers [OH].
      In this time, the most precious knowledge in the galaxy is the wisdom of the sands, an authentic, continuous and unaltered tradition stretching back to the Atreidian Era.
      True orthodoxy exists in only one place in the entire Œcumene ; sietch Jacurutu, home of the Cast Out ...

        Today we are upgrading our JACURUTU.COM Discussion Forum, after an entire decade using our old software version (phpBB 3.0.0 to 3.0.14). That code served us well for years, but had begun coughing and wheezing in its old age.

        Changing is always difficult for everybody, but necessary as a result of software obsolescence, system incompatibilities and changes in how information is provided and communicated by/to forum members.

        So, we decided to put the old code out of its/our misery, and install a new Discussion Forum that I'd been working with for some time (phpBB 3.1.10). The look of the new Forum is pretty much the same as the old one, but it's a completely different beast under the surface, and should work much more efficiently for everyone. I think it may be more user friendly.

        The new system also requires a little bit of adaptation and learning on everyone’s part. Mobile users now represent over 35% of our viewers, making our changes inevitable. We also have lots of new features that have been previously requested by users.

        So, please post your bug, suggestions, comments and preferences. Let us know how you think could be improved. What new features have you found that make this new forum much more usable/user-friendly? Remember : is your board, your feedback is important to us! We’re reading every comment.

        Thank you for your patience while we install this new Forum.


        Freakzilla | Omphalos | Ragabash | ᴶᵛᵀᴬ

        Summary :

        ► A — Jacurutu 2018
        ...... ➤ Aa) . What's New?
        ...... ➤ Ab) . Release & Update Policy

        ► B — Now, we are mobile friendly !
        ...... ➤ Ba) . Smartphone
        ...... ➤ Bb) . Tablet Computer
        ...... ➤ Bc) . What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?

        ► C — Not just a new skin
        ...... ➤ Ca) . Major changes & improvements
        ...... ➤ Cb) . Administration Tools

        ► D — Exploring our new board index
        ...... ➤ Da) . Board header, background & main categories
        ...... ➤ Db) . Board footer

        ► E — Subforums, topic threads & profiles
        ...... ➤ Ea) . Subforums and Topic pages
        ...... ➤ Eb) . User profiles

        ► F — 120 extensions ... and 75 bbcodes !
        ...... ➤ Fa) . Posting area : Overview
        ...... ➤ Fb) . BBCodes : Text Formatting
        ...... ➤ Fc) . BBCodes : Alignment, Separation & Navigation
        ...... ➤ Fd) . BBCodes : Show & Hide
        ...... ➤ Fe) . BBCodes : Tables
        ...... ➤ Ff) . BBCodes : Multimedia

        ► G — Affiliated pages & sites
        ...... ➤ Ga) . OH pages
        ...... ➤ Gb) . OH webring

        ► A — JACURUTU 2018 (phpBB update schedule)

        ➤ Aa) — What's New?

        Over 1k bug fixes, 1.5k improvements & 11k commits!!! The new phpBB version (3.1.0 Ascraeus) features many improvements for users, administrators, and developers alike.

        Ascraeus modernizes the software and catches it up in many areas. As a result, the requirements will also become more modern with at least PHP 5.3.3 and newer versions of PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, and other DBMS.

        Its new responsive theme takes phpBB into the modern mobile world, OAuth logins and Gravatars improve phpBB's integration into the social web, and a new notification system makes it easy to keep apprised of all that's going on.

        With phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus' extension system, we can easily customize and extend our forum's functionality without modifying source code. The extension system makes updating phpBB and 3rd party code a breeze.

        ➤ Ab) — Release & Update Policy

        2000 December● phpBB 1.0 (2 years)
          2002 April● phpBB 2.0 « Golden » (5 years)
            2006 April2.0.20 (last version)
              2007 July● phpBB 3.0 « Olympus » (7 years)Jacurutu 1 / February 2008
              2015 May3.0.14 (last version)Jacurutu 2 / September 2016
              2014 October● phpBB 3.1 « Ascraeus » (3 years)
                2016 October3.1.10 (last version)➤ Jacurutu 3 / February 2018
                2017 January● phpBB 3.2 « Rhea » (2 years)
                  2018 January3.2.2 (last version)Jacurutu 4 / xxxx 2018 or 2019 (?)
                  2019 January● phpBB 3.3 « Proteus » (1 year)
                    2020 xxxx3.3.x (last version)Jacurutu 5 / xxxx 2021
                    2020 January● phpBB 3.4 or 4.0 (1 year)

                      Future feature releases will be sheduled on an annual basis.

                      ► B — NOW, WE ARE MOBILE FRIENDLY ! (Jacurutu's web responsive design)

                      ➤ Ba — Smartphone :


                      ➤ Smartphone (lateral view) :



                      ➤ Bb — Tablet Computer :


                      ➤ Tablet (index footer + subforum view) :


                      The forum looks great on a smartphone now and avatar images automatically resize if you have a smaller screen instead of covering the text. Jacurutu and Prosilver style are responsive, so they look good even with low width. They have been completely overhauled to ensure a modern experience on all of your devices.The avatar scales to above the post instead of overflowing the text.

                      ➤ Bc — What The Heck Is Responsive Web Design?

                      A web page should look good, and be easy to use, regardless of the device! Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Responsive Web Design is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen.

                      A site designed with RWD adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids,flexible images, and CSS3 media queries,an extension of the @media rule. Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic. Therefore, Google announced "Mobilegeddon" in 2015, and started to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device.

                      ► C — NOT JUST A NEW SKIN (Common features / Admin tools)

                      ➤ Ca — Major changes & improvements

                        ❶ Extensions :
                        Mods are out, extensions are in. Time consuming and update-breaking modifications are a thing of the past. No more manually editing code ! Major changes to the core code is no longer necessary as extensions are more integrated to the system. Quickly installed in the ACP, extensions are to phpBB 3.1 what MODs were to phpBB 2.0 & 3.0.

                        ❷ Simplified Updating :
                        If you're tired of complicated updating procedures, you'll love phpBB 3.1. Whether it's extensions or phpBB itself, updating is as simple as uploading the new package and clicking a few buttons. You can even check to make sure you're running the latest versions, right in the ACP.

                        ❸ Soft Delete :
                        Posts and topics can now be removed from public view without being permanently deleted. You can determine this behaviour per user or group.

                        ❹ Contact Page :
                        Visitors, including guests, can now get in touch with the board administrator by using the built-in contact page.
                      ❺ Notification System :
                      Easily configure how you prefer to be notified about various events, such as when you are quoted in a post. The new extensible notifications feature lives in the header of every page and provides a centralized place to receive alerts and other information.

                      ❻ OAuth Login :
                      Register and login using your Google,, or Facebook accounts. Extensions can easily add other authentication services.

                      ❼ Gravatar Support :
                      Avatars may now be fetched from the Gravatar service, in addition to the previously available options.

                      ❽ AJAX, HTML5 & CSS3 Enhancements :
                      Traditionally with phpBB, even simple operations like deleting a post or reordering forums have involved multiple requests and full page loads, which was slow and heavy on bandwidth. We've added AJAX functionality to a lot of these simple operations, making them faster and easier to do. We're now using the HTML5 doctype and CSS3 to modernize the codebase, reduce the number of requests made to the server, and speed up page load times.

                      ➤ Cb — Administration Tools

                      Hold the mouse over the items Image to display descriptions !

                      ❹ ACP / Administrate users
                      ❺ ACP / Administrate user groups, stats & SEO
                      ❻ ACP / Administrate time settings
                      ❼ ACP / Administrate posting & word indexing

                      ► D — EXPLORING OUR NEW BOARD INDEX

                      ➤ Da — Board header, background & main categories

                      The board index pretty similar to version 3.0.14 but you will certainly notice some changes such as the Quick links and the Notifications, which will give you pop-ups to unread messages to subscribed or bookmarked threads.


                      ➤ Db — Board footer


                      ► E — SUBFORUMS, TOPIC THREADS & PROFILES

                      The topic page gets overhauled with some refresh to the look, particularly if you’re an administrator or moderator with the extra buttons. Avatars now scale a lot better with the new upgraded styles.

                      ➤ Ea — Subforums and Topic pages

                      ➤ Eb — User profiles


                      ► F — 120 EXTENSIONS ... AND 75 BBCODES !

                      ➤ Fa — Posting area : Overview


                      ➤ Fb — BBCodes : Text Formatting

                        Text formatting │ Plain text

                          Copy text (via abbc3 ext.)
                          Paste text (via abbc3 ext.)

                          ▷ no bbcodes
                            Remove bbcode (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ display bbcodes
                            Inline Code
                            Code display
                          ▷ preserve text formatting from source document
                            Preformatted text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Ascii art (via abbc3 ext.)

                        Text formatting │ Emphasis, titling

                          ▷ bolding
                            Bold text
                            Shadow text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Font size (very large)
                          ▷ highlighting
                            Overline text
                            Underline text
                            Highlight text (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ rubricating
                            Blink text
                            Font colour
                            Shadow text in color (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Glow text in color (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Highlight text in color (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ typefont variations
                            Font Menu (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Your Font

                        Annotations & quotations

                          ▷ italicizing, quoting, annotating
                            Italic text
                            Superscript text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Subscript text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Font size (very small)
                          ▷ quoting a text
                            Quote text
                          ▷ hyperlinking
                            Insert URL

                      ➤ Fc — BBCodes : Alignment, Separation & Navigation

                        Text alignment

                          ▷ aligning
                            Align text (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ in motion
                            Fadein/out text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Marquee text (via abbc3 ext.)


                          ▷ indent & lists
                            Ordered list
                            List item
                          ▷ tables
                            Table row
                            Table header
                            Table cell


                          ▷ two-column text
                          ▷ two-column list
                            Table row
                            Table header
                            Table cell
                          ▷ multiple columns
                          ▷ multiple (same-size) column table
                            Table 2
                            Table row
                            Table header
                            Table cell 2

                        Handling large size posts

                          ▷ scrollbar
                            Scroll text
                          ▷ spoilers
                            Spoiler message (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Long Spoiler
                          ▷ anchor hyperlinks
                          ▷ single-line separators
                            Table row
                            Table header
                            Table cell
                          ▷ two-column separators (paragraph breaks ↵)
                            Table header
                            Table cell

                      ➤ Fd — BBCodes : Show & Hide

                        Hidden Contents

                          ▷ error/crypto-messages
                            Strike-through text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Blur text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Reverse/Mirror text (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ members only
                            Hide from guests (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ invisible [jacurutu style only]

                        Warnings & Announces

                          ▷ alert messages
                            Fadein/out text (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Marquee text (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ moderator tools
                            Off Topic (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Alert Notice
                            Moderator message (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ announcements

                      ➤ Fe — BBCodes : Tables

                        Headers & Boxes

                          ▷ (un)writable/coloured/empty boxes & banners
                          ▷ simple frame (not extensible)
                            Table header
                            Table cell
                          ▷ extensible frame
                            Table header
                            Table cell
                            Table row
                          ▷ double-column frame (not extensible)
                            Table header
                            Table cell
                          ▷ extensible double-column frame
                            Table header
                            Table cell

                        Tables & Stats

                          ▷ diagrams, polls
                          ▷ three-column table (varied column length)
                            Table row
                            Table cell
                          ▷ three-column table (same size columns)
                            Table row
                            Table header
                            Table cell

                        Straight lines & aligned cells

                          ▷ single row with three cells
                            Table 2
                            Table row
                            Table cell
                            Table cell 2
                          ▷ overlapped/superimposed lines
                            Table 2
                            Table row
                            Table cell
                            Table cell 2

                      ➤ Ff — BBCodes : Multimedia

                        Images & post layout

                          ▷ insert external image
                            Insert image
                            Insert URL
                            Gallery Image (via phpBB Gallery ext.)
                          ▷ switching image
                            Image Switch
                          ▷ insert flash
                            Insert Flash
                          ▷ insert Google Maps
                            Google Maps
                          ▷ post layout
                            Float text (via abbc3 ext.)

                        Sharing refs, contents & social medias

                          ▷ sharing (copyrighted) knowledge
                            Let Me Google that for you
                          ▷ sharing contents (pdf)
                            GDrive viewer
                          ▷ social medias

                        Audio & Video material

                          ▷ insert video
                            Embed video (via abbc3 ext.)
                            Facebookpost (video)
                            Twitter (video)
                          ▷ float video
                            Float text (via abbc3 ext.)
                          ▷ insert audio clip
                            SoundCloud (via abbc3 ext.)

                      ► G — AFFILIATED PAGES & SITES

                      ➤ Ga — OH pages

                      The Pages extension allows us to create an unlimited number of custom static pages. If you can’t tell, this is the feature I am most excited about.

                      ➤ Gb — OH Webring

                      A webring (or web ring) is a collection of related websites linked together in a circular structure, i.e. offering links to one another in such a way that one may view each of them without returning to a single referring site. A single moderator — or Ringmaster — is in charge of approving and adding each website to the webring.

               — The Cast Out
                        Dune Jacurutu — Official Facebook Page
                        TAU — The (Almost) Undeleted
                        Omphalos' Book Reviews
                        Hairy Ticks of Dune — SandChigger's site & blog
               — Himachil's OH Dune Font
                        OH Group at Google +
                        Orthodox Herbertarians — Facebook Group
                        Dune Jacurutu via Twitter
                      Jacurutu — YouTube channel
                      Jacurutu — Vimeo
                      Jacurutu — SoundCloud
                      Jacurutu — Tumblr
                      Jacurutu — Instagram
                      Jacurutu — Pinterest

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